The Bible

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Most people struggle with having consistent time reading the Bible. But God promises to teach us life-changing truths when we spend time in His Word. At Vision Church, we are encouraging and challenging each other to join in on the “NT 260″ reading plan from the Bible App and at

  • If you use the Bible app, use the search bar and enter NT260 to start the reading plan.
  • If you use the website, click the icon for reading plans and then use the search bar and enter NT260 to start the reading plan.

This plan offers a sustainable pace (1 chapter a day, about 4 days a week) that only takes around 5 minutes a day. Plus, it offers a short devotional to help you understand even better the passage you are reading that day.

You can also invite friends to join you once you are signed up for the reading plan, and of course you can access it from any device that you normally use for the internet. Join us in this reading plan and be a part of the conversation on social media as well. Use the hashtag #visionchurchNT and let us know what God is teaching you–or toss some questions out there for other people to speak into.

We believe in the power of God’s Word, especially when we (1) read it consistently, (2) ask God to teach us through it, and (3) we have conversations with each other about what we are reading. Thanks for being a part of the New Testament Reading Plan at Vision Church!



New in 90 Reading Plan

Reading through God’s Word will certainly help you grow in your walk with God. Join us on a 3-month journey called “New in 90”, where we are reading through the New Testament. The plan is designed to keep you on track to read 6 days a week, and even schedules in one day a week to catch up, if needed.

We encourage you to post on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #NewIn90 so we can hear what you are learning and see how your progress is going. Start the reading plan at any time–you can download it right here.