Being on a strategic service team is an important part of life at Vision Church. We have volunteers of all ages that serve at Vision, some as young as 6th grade. Our goal is to help you find out how you are gifted, what life experiences have helped shape you, and where your passion is. All those elements wrap together to shape you and the way God designed you to serve.

Take a look at the options listed here and either contact Wendy McCathern, our Volunteer Coordinator, or stop by the Connection Center after a service on Sunday. We would love to get you lined up for a “Test Drive” where you can test out an area, meet some of the team in that area, and talk with the leader of that team to see if it feels like a good fit for you.

We have 5 primary areas you can get involved in serving at Vision Church:

  • preschoolVizKidz Preschool–We love preschoolers! Our team includes small group leaders, worship leaders, hosts/storytellers and registration. Team members normally serve every other week.
  • VizKidz Elementary–Kids love coming to church at Vision. For ages K-5th grade, our team team includes small group leaders, worship leaders, tech team, hosts/storytellers and registration. Team members normally serve every other week.
  • Ignite Middle & High School–We believe that teenagers are not only the church of tomorrow, but that they are the church of today. For these students, our team includes small group leaders, musicians & vocalists, drama, game leaders, tech team and registration. Team members normally serve at each Ignition event, which takes place every other Sunday night.
  • Host Teams–We believe the sermon starts in the parking lot! Our Host Teams include the Parking Lot Team, Greeter Team, 1st Time Guest Team, Connection Center Team, and Usher Team. These teams find the balance between being organized and keeping things running smooth, with loving people and making them feel very welcome at Vision. Most team members serve at one service either weekly or every other week.
  • Worship & Tech Teams–Excellence in these teams creates amazing worship environments in our church. If you are skilled as a musician, vocalist, or in the world of tech (computers, video, lighting, live sound, etc.), come and be a part of an exciting team.

There are also some other behind-the-scenes areas you can consider as well:

  • Building & Grounds–From workdays to weekly maintenance needs, this team fixes stuff, builds stuff and keep our facility running great.
  • Care Team–This team is all about caring for people and meeting needs.  There is an application and interview process to be on this team, and our Care Team does an incredible job of ministering to people at Vision and in our community.
  • Chair Team–This team weekly tweaks the chairs, and after events it resets that chairs, so we are in the best shape possible for every event and especially for Sundays.
  • Clean Team–This vital team cleans, restocks and resets various parts of the church so that our environments are sparkling and ready for ministry on Sundays.
  • Community Outreach–We have various projects at the local outreach level where we would love your help reaching out and blessing people in our community.
  • Finance Team–There are 2 main branches of our Finance Team: those who count & deposit the offering on Sundays, and those who manage the budget process throughout the year. This team has a more detailed application and interview process.
  • Marketing Team–We are always looking for economical and effective ways to spread the word about Vision Church. If you have background in some type of marketing, graphic design, or just love telling people about Vision, you might be a fit for this team.
  • Prayer Team–When we receive Connection Cards on Sundays, or prayer requests from the website, this team is there to pray over those needs and work hand in hand with the Care Team to minister to those in need.

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To get involved as a volunteer at Vision, click here to fill out an application.

If you have additional questions at this time, click here to contact Wendy McCathern, our Volunteer Coordinator.