Upcoming Events

Women’s Event (6/15-16)


REVITALIZE – The definition is to give new life to or to give new vitality or vigor to. Sounds good doesn’t it?! With today’s incredibly busy pace, there comes a time when we need to stop, look up, and take a deep breath of fresh air to gain a renewed perspective, new vitality and maybe even new life.
THAT’S what BreakAway2018 is all about!
Grab all the ladies you know 18 years and older to experience a weekend like no other … TOGETHER!! Breakaway – from the pace, the schedules, the expectations, the obligations – and make time for yourself! It’s ok! It’s not selfish! Be REVITALIZED in body, in soul and in spirit and become an even better version of yourself!
Join us for the main event on Saturday from 9:00-4:30, complete with a catered lunch. You could also choose to attend the Red Carpet event on Friday night and even have a guided shopping trip on Saturday evening, for no added cost! And to truly Breakaway, you can choose to stay at a nearby hotel Friday night.


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 Inside Vision (6/3)

Come and learn more about Vision Church at Inside Vision! Our Lead Pastor, Matt Vanderbilt, leads this class for anyone wanting to learn about Vision for the first time and for those who are looking to take their “next steps” at Vision to serve or be a part of a small group.

We will have classes immediately following the 11:15 service, and includes free lunch and child care.  We encourage those who wish to attend to sign up prior to the class so we can estimate for food and to insure we have enough volunteers for childcare.  Thanks for considering being a part of the family at Vision and we hope to see you at Inside Vision soon.

Register here.


Group Link (TBD)

If you have been attending Vision for even a few weeks and have considered joining a small group, then GroupLink is for you!  We will hold the next GroupLink following both services.  You can meet with the existing Small Group Leaders to find the perfect fit for you.  We have small groups for men, women, couples and mixed groups.

You can find lots of great information about Vision Small Groups here