What is the mission of Vision Church?

Our mission is to lead people to Christ and help them live out God’s vision for their life.

How are we going to accomplish the mission?

This church is built on the foundation of “deep & wide”: wide enough to reach people that are far from God, and deep enough to help people grow once they begin a relationship with God. Vision Church is a place where unchurched people love to attend (that is the wide part), and has strategic environments that effectively lead men, women, students and children into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ (that is the deep part).

What is the vision?

Our vision is to be a church that is wide reaching (a church that unchurched people love to attend) and also has real depth (environments that help people grow in their walk with Jesus Christ).

Where does the church meet?

While many church plants start off portable (meeting in schools, movie theaters, etc.), God blessed us with a launch team of families that gave generously and we are currently leasing a 10,500 square foot facility in Gastonia at the corner of Hudson Blvd & Union Road (directions). This facility has space dedicated to preschoolers, elementary age children, middle & high schoolers, and an adult worship space.

Are we associated with another church?

Our church is designed around the model of North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia. However, we are autonomous and specifically designed with the flavor of Gaston County in mind.  Locally, we have been influenced and/or coached by several churches in Charlotte and Gastonia.

What is the church like?

Creative. Fun. Excellent. Authentic. Those are some words that describe every environment we create in our church. We highly value the importance of teaching people about Jesus in a way that displays excellence and authenticity. God Himself is very creative and fun, and we feel like it represents Him very well if we design with creativity and fun in mind when giving people the opportunity to experience Him.

What do we have for children?

We highly value kids and our Sunday morning environments are never described as child care–they are much more strategic than that. From ages birth through 5th grade, we have designed experiences that kids love, because we truly want Sunday morning to be the best hour of a child’s week. From large group worship & teaching, to small group interaction & relationship building, your children will learn about Jesus in a way that engages them, inspires them, and most of all teaches them about how much God loves them.





What do we have for students?

Middle school and high school students also have an important place in our church. We engage students in a large group experience (relevant teaching, student-friendly activities, technology and fun) and create environments where real relationships happen in small groups.  This takes place every other Sunday evening at our Ignition services – uniquely designed for students.  Some of the absolute best volunteers in our church are committed to investing in our students, not because they are the church of tomorrow–but because those students are the church of today.


Who is the pastor of the church?

Our Lead Pastor is Matt Vanderbilt. He has been shaped by 15 years of experience at Bethlehem Church in Gastonia, NC (2000+ people attending weekly). He has a background in a variety of ministries and has poured into hundreds of leaders and volunteers from all walks of life. Before joining Bethlehem, Matt had a previous career in Sports Medicine and Public Recreation. He has been and continues to be coached by several churches in the Gastonia/Charlotte area, including Ridge Church in Charlotte (a partner church in the North Point network), and is joined at Vision by his wife of nearly 20 years, Meg, and their 3 children–Emmaus, Elijah and Elana.




How can you donate to support Vision Church?

You can donate on the secure giving page on this website. Donations by check, credit card or debit card are accepted online or at the church. You can also mail in donations to our street address.  We thank you for supporting Vision Church.